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Rock CG 4 20 18 166r ps Sheldon’s experience in the mental health field has allowed him the experience to work with a wide variety of clients and mental health concerns. Sheldon assists clients in understanding their present world, how they are affectted by their lived experiences, and how to explore meaning and understanding to their present issues in order to learn how to manage their emotions in a healthy and positive manner. Sheldon’s primary areas of treatment are individuals, couples, and families of all backgrounds facing concerns related to depression, anxiety, phase of life issues, relationship conflict, LGBTQIA issues, and many others. Sheldon focuses on psychodynamic therapy (understanding how the past affects the present), cognitive-behavioral therapy, and humanistic therapy to assist clients in learning how to live their best life.
Most importantly, Sheldon believes that the most important aspect of counseling is the relationship between counselor and client, and ensures a professional, compassionate, and safe environment when working with clients. Sheldon’s ability to build a different kind of relationship with his clients enables his clients to be in an environment they feel allows them to be open and honest about their lived experiences, so that his clients are able to work hard in creating change for themselves.


Message from Sheldon: 
“Life gets a little hard to handle, and that is a normal experience for everyone. Circumstances arise that are difficult to navigate through alone. My hope is that through counseling, we can navigate those muggy waters together in order to learn how to manage your emotional experiences in a healthy manner.  My goal as a counselor is to provide you with a safe and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable being your most honest self. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches that are meant to bring forth understanding of your present situation, to challenge your way of thinking, and to encourage creating positive and effective change in your life. I have hope that difficult situations get better, and I hope that through working with me you feel the compassion, safety, and courage needed to allow me to work through those difficult situations with you. Seeking counseling is one of the toughest and bravest steps one can make, and I am proud to be able to start this journey with you.”


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Children, adolescents, families, and individuals can all benefit from a helping hand and a listening ear at certain times that can help provide insight, support, and new strategies for all types of life challenges.


Even highly motivated, upwardly-mobile, educated, generally healthy people can sometimes use a helping hand to make their lives even better! The Rock helps you develop leadership skills that will not only grown your career, but enhance your life.

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