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Michael is passionate about his work and his ability to offer those who he works with an opportunity to grow and heal at a pace that works best for them.  Michael is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a vast array of experience and expertise.  He is also a proud US Army Veteran with nearly 10 years of service.  With this in his background, Michael is particularly passionate and skilled at working with military issues and other concerns raised due to stress in the line of duty (law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, first responders, and emergency room personnel).   In addition to first responder/military issues, Michael is also skilled at and enjoys working with clients who are experiencing PTSD or other trauma-related disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance use/abuse,  as well as working with couples and teenagers.

Message from Michael: 

Those overwhelming feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, fear and worry, or numbness are natural reactions to trauma. We all try our best to cope with the skills we have available to us, but sometimes these aren't enough. The thought of therapy is daunting, but if you want something different, then you have to do something different. The idea of admitting your fears and beginning to face them is one of the most terrifying, yet empowering choices you can make in your life. I look forward to joining you on your journey back to peace and happiness with yourself.


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Children, adolescents, families, and individuals can all benefit from a helping hand and a listening ear at certain times that can help provide insight, support, and new strategies for all types of life challenges.


Even highly motivated, upwardly-mobile, educated, generally healthy people can sometimes use a helping hand to make their lives even better! The Rock helps you develop leadership skills that will not only grown your career, but enhance your life.

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