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“I can honestly say that I do not know where I would be without The Rock Counseling Group. It has helped me to believe in myself, be gentle with myself, accept myself, but most importantly, to love myself. I feel an instant sense of comfort whenever I walk through the doors.”



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"We can't even come close to expressing how much Trevor has done for us and our marriage. We came to Trevor as 2 broken people with an even more broken marriage and she has since helped us return to the loving couple we once were. No words could ever express our gratitude and love for Trevor. Thank you!"



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“Receiving counseling from RJ at the Rock Counseling Group has been a very positive experience. Of course, working through personal baggage and overcoming challenges is never easy. However, RJ has created a warm, personable, and affirming environment that has made me feel comfortable to address my issues head-on. I can sometimes be slow to open up; but I trust RJ because I feel that he truly cares about me as an individual, and also that he has the professional expertise to help me make real progress toward my personal goals. To that end, RJ has always believed in me and affirmed both the person I currently am and my ability to grow, which has in turn caused me to more fully accept and believe in myself. And ultimately most important, I feel that in my work with RJ, I have truly experienced significant progress in overcoming my baggage and moving toward my goals.”



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“When I came to The Rock Counseling Group I had been through and seen a lot of hard stuff and thought that I had lost everything. They have  helped me find purpose in it all and helped  me to find strength and integrity in myself”

Counseling services

Children, adolescents, families, and individuals can all benefit from a helping hand and a listening ear at certain times that can help provide insight, support, and new strategies for all types of life challenges.


Even highly motivated, upwardly-mobile, educated, generally healthy people can sometimes use a helping hand to make their lives even better! The Rock helps you develop leadership skills that will not only grown your career, but enhance your life.

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The Rock Counseling Group - Champaign IL


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