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"Sometimes the best therapist has fur and four legs"

"Echo" Emotional Support and Therapy Dog in Training

Sometimes a pet enters your life and it can change everything. That is exactly what happened when Echo joined the Mcnicholl family and became a member of The Rock Counseling Group staff. Echo was born in March 2016 and came to the McNicholl home at 9 weeks. Immediately he started becoming familiar to the office. Echo is a mini-golden doodle who has the sweetest disposition and is extremely intelligent. Echo is actively in training to become a certified emotional support and therapy animal. 


When Echo is in the office it is common for him to be in the lobby area and greet patients when they arrive, often with a warm smile and the occasional lick on the hand. Echo loves to be held and will not refuse a "belly rub". Echo is also very intelligent and is learning many commands that he is responsive to. He loves to play fetch and will partake in a treat or two if offered to him. Echo resides at the McNicholl's home with their four children where he is very loved and an active part of their family. When not in the office Echo loves to go to the dog park and play with others dogs, go on walks, and play ball. 


Echo is also hypo-Allergenic and does not shed. If you would like to know more about Echo please do not hesitate to ask! Echo is welcome to join sessions with your therapist if he is available. Sometimes it maybe for a just a few minutes or the entire session depending on both your and Echo's preferences. 



However, we also are very aware that not everyone is comfortable around animals and prefer not to interact with Echo. That is absolutely o.k. and our staff and Echo will respect that preference. Please just let us know and we are happy to make sure that Echo is working in another area at that time. 





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